The 'birth' of π and the
natural Squaring of the Circle

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genesis of the π, as seen by AstroTime

The Squaring the Circle using only the basic tools of ruler and compass – which is the sense I consider it 'geometric' – that has ensnared like a mirage and for so many cen­tu­ries scholars of any caliber, could never have found a solution on the basis of a π unreal, a term by which I mean a constant that is not strictly geometric, but obtained artificially with calculations that we could define as 'speculative', by which math­e­mat­i­cal science jumps to classify it as 'transcendent', to then make that a seal of im­pos­si­bil­i­ty.

The long phase of darkness that characterized the pure inaccessibility of the circle, however, has never precluded the existence of a real pi, that is to say ex­qui­site­ly ge­o­met­ric, ready to be used correctly in any kind of application, geometrical squaring of the circle primarily. Indeed, it exhibited that in an even monumental form, waiting for someone to come to acknowledge it.

Of course AstroTime could not fail to present it, if not in an astrological key, at least in a symbolic genealogical sense, hoping to stimulate some smiles and no tears. After all, the same pi day seems to have already crossed certain boundaries …