arrangement of the 4 zodiacal Elements
on the vertexes of the Tetrahedron

the card by AstroTime

Cell reproduction is made possible by the duplication of the DNA genetic code con­tained in the cell nucleus. Genetic memory arises from the combination of only four basic elements, taken three by three and placed according to a precise sequence and geometric composition: it is a code that distinguishes, without exception, all the bi­o­log­i­cal organisms of the Earth and is composed of the DNA molecule , a dynamic structure in the shape of a double helix.

Unlike the AstroTime's website basics, this article was expressly translated to support and explain the insertion of this symbol of Life into the four corners of the most im­por­tant and sacred pattern of the Creation, i.e. the universal Śrī Chakra yantra, realized thanks to the THEORY model in its error-free geometry and complete format, effectively fulfilling the Divine Proportion's [Golden Ratio] expansion, from the central SOURCE to the [synergetic pe­rim­e­ters & profiles of the] Petals fields, down to the four outer Gates driving to the living matter.

This aim, achieved at first in 2002, was recently completed in its planimetric perfection and given free to anybody, for meditation, study, scientific or architectural purposes.

Its four Portals' Cross being representative of the Four Elements, framing three times the whole Rose of the geometric com­po­si­tion, they were the most suitable to refer to the tet­ra­he­dron, since it crystallizes the Elements' dynamic deployment by the Zodiacal ro­ta­tion, taking place throughout the cyclic alternation of the terrestrial seasons.
A concept best represented in this last innovative analysis by the spherical rolling of the tet­ra­he­dron, as the spindle and ultimate link between the Abstract and concrete, what is attested by some studies reported at the end of this article - surely more available nowadays.